Did you know?


▪ The Chemung County Executive with the approval of the Chemung County Legislature leased the Chemung County landfill to Casella (NEWSNY) and agreed to allow them to bring in up to 580,000 tons of garbage from outside the county! (Not including additional construction and demolition debris).

▪ They did this without any vote of the people!

▪ Our County Legislator and our town supervisor did not talk with residents living near the landfill to get their input before voting on this!

▪ They allowed Casella to take over operation without a new review of the environmental impact this increased tonnage might cause!

▪ They did this despite objections from many residents!

▪ Something similar could happen in your neighborhood!

▪ County and town officials publicly criticized the residents living around the landfill for their concerns!

▪ They gave sworn statements to Judge Judy O'Shea saying they had included the public in the process!

▪ Casella said they can go from 120,000 tons of garbage to 580,000 tons of garbage without expanding the size of the landfill!

▪ The county executive and deputy county executive, on more than one occasion, said they chose Casella because they could operate on the present "footprint" without needing to expand.

▪ Truck traffic into the landfill has already exceeded their predictions!

▪ Work on I-86 has been stalled indefinitely (least another 2 yrs), meaning no interchange at Reed's crossing near the landfill in the near future! Maybe never!

▪ Garbage is being brought to the landfill in tractor-trailer trucks and they are getting off and onto Rt 17 at Reed's crossing (at grade interchange), going from 55-65miles/hr. to a near dead stop!

▪ Contaminants (chemicals) have been found in exceedance of acceptable standards in testing wells at the landfill!

▪ Old cells had no liners! Even the best of liners will leak, it is just a matter of when!

▪ Contaminants in testing wells can get into ground water!

▪ The American Battlefield Protection agency is a federal organization who ranks Newtown Battlefield high on their priority list of battlefields to preserve! Provided area residents agree, they would consider designating at as National Park!

▪ Sullivan's monument and the park were meant to overlook the battlefield, which is in Lowman!

▪ Revolutionary War Soldiers are buried in Riverside Cemetary, which is located on County Rt 60, in front of the landfill!

Casella was fined $400,000 for environmental violations at a transfer station in Pennsylvania.

▪ Casella is planning to increase tonnage by 49% (60,000 tons) without environmental review! They need approval from Chemung County and DEC to do so. There is so much more! I hope you will browse our website to learn more. The politics involved in this deal, the lack of concern for the environmental impacts, and the lack of concern for people impacted has motivated us to continue our fight to protect our area! Please join us in our fight! Get involved! The same kind of thing could happen to you. We need to replace elected officials who do not represent the people they serve!

Toxic Chemical Found in Water - Alert!!

Casella held a public meeting and announced the presence of a chemical in the testing well at the landfill that was in exceedance of DEC standards...